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Gay Pornstar Dom Trenton Ducati has recently James Ryder put inside a security cage; he has recently been an awful puppy. Trenton will get James to lap up his footwear and then tugs for the teenage stud’s puppy-tail buttplug. Trenton claims his domination over James simply by getting him to drink from a puppy container, eat with a leather-based hard dick, as well as bark as a puppy. Trenton carries on the predominant puppy-play with drilling his animal using the buttplug getting him plead for his gigantic rock hard dick. Trenton pitilessly shoves his cock the entire way down James’s mouth and then strip the recent puppy dog out of his latex paint accessories and taste his penis. Trenton will no doubt still feed inside the slavish hunk’s cock and butt then folding him over plus screw his gap. Power-top Trenton fucks James hard , whose sole issue is satisfying his captain. With Trenton’s penis yet solidly placed inside the ass James pumps a load of cum in to his puppy bowl and laps it all up.

Bet Your Ass with new gay star Trenton Ducati

There’s this new porn star in the making, he’s called Trenton Ducati and he’s British. He’s currently appearing at Men Of UK in a series called ‘The law of men,’ and today I’m looking at part three. Trenton Ducati is an inked younger guy with black hair and hazel coloured eyes. He’s got an eight inch uncut cock and a wonderful British accent. In this series he plays an up-coming young trainee lawyer who has to do well on a case that has, so far, invoiced plenty of hardcore sex.

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He’s appearing alongside Phenix Saint and whereas this is only Trenton Ducati’s second movie for, Phenix has so far made five over the last two years. It’s good to see him back in the saddle again, particularly as he describes himself as versatile, as does Trenton Ducati, and particularly as he looks so hot in a suit.

The scene opens with a ‘Previously on…’ so we can catch up on what’s happened and then we move to the banks of the Thames and Trenton Ducati smoking and thinking. Back in the office the guys are in silks (lawyers’ gowns) ready for court. We move into court, the cast are all in suits and silks, and the acting is really believable. You almost forget we’re watching a porn video, because no porn has really happened as yet, but the courtroom drama plays out, sex is discussed, and the case is… Well, you can discover all that for yourself when you go and see it. But the point is that after all this (very good) storytelling we get to a place where Trenton Ducati and Phenix Saint are left alone in the courtroom. And we know what’s going to happen next.

I’m not sure if lawyer sex in the courtroom is yet a fetish niche of its own but, if it is, then this scene is going to rank as the number one of its kind. The cute and yet slightly rough Trenton Ducati and the older and manly Phenix start kissing. The silks are thrown away revealing tight bulges in suit pants, the boy goes down and starts playing with the older guy’s cock through the material and then before you can say ‘I call in evidence’ Phenix is down on Ducati’s young cock and deep-throating it all the way down. The tattooed, big dicked, younger guy with the incredibly fuckable bubble butt gets to play top in this scene and screws his other lawyer over the courtroom table, from on top, from underneath, on his side, we get all the angels covered here as Trenton Ducati drives his rock solid eight inch cock in and out of Phenix Saint’s versatile ass.

He’s still doing just that as Phenix shoots off a load across his belly. And then, before the prosecution has time to rest, young Trenton is unloading his youthful nuts across Phenix Saint’s face. This scene is an incredible mix of hardcore, storytelling and drama, and I charge you to go and see it!

Drill My Hole with James Ryder And Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati is really good at being cute, in a juvenile, ‘just turned 18’ way. He’s the latest twink to join the team of hot porn stars and here he is making his second appearance at Str8 to Gay. This is the site where straight guys get turned by gay guys, or where straight mates are so hot for sex that they will do anything to get off and dump a load, and if that means dumping it in another guy’s ass then so be it. And when you’ve got sweet and young Trenton Ducati next to you and offering sex then it’s going to be very hard to turn him down, no matter how straight you are.

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In ‘Screen Competition’ the straight guy on the bed beside him is new guy James Ryder. He’s a slim, next-door looking guy with a six and a half inch cut cock and describes himself as a top. Here he has somehow found himself watching straight porn, on a bed, with his younger looking mate, Trenton Ducati, and he admits that the porn is making him hard. You can see Trenton Ducati eyeing up James Ryder hard cock through his boxers as he tries to keep one eye on the screen where a guy is getting blown by a chick. You just know that something has got to give here, James Ryder’s cock is pressing hard against the material of his shorts and Trenton Ducati is tenting out like mad. The guys exchange words and Trenton Ducati does a very subtle seduction on his straight mate.

The deal is that he bets he can get James Ryder to cum faster than the guy on the screen, and so the competition starts. Trenton Ducati is straight down on his mate’s dick and, much to James Ryder’s surprise, he actually quite likes the feel of that. A little later and Trenton Ducati persuades him to go down on his cock. James Ryder obliges, after some hesitation and finds he has a bit of a liking for it. But when Trenton Ducati suggests he rim his ass, well, the straight guy takes even more persuading, only to find that he can’t get enough of Trenton Ducati eating out his ass. He soon repays that favour and explores the other guys’ hairy ass before finally using it as a pussy and fucking the living daylights out of the Trenton Ducati.

So, after a long, slow, wonderfully erotic build up and some hot foreplay, we get this fantastic sight of James Ryder drilling into the round bubble-butt ass of Trenton Ducati. And then, as if that weren’t enough to blow our loads, the guys swap around and Trenton Ducati fucks James Ryder. James Ryder finally cums with Trenton Ducati fucking him from underneath, and finally Trenton Ducati unloads his hairy nuts over his twink body and, even though his straight mate says he’s still straight, you just know that the straight guy enjoyed being fucked and will be back for more.

Slip At The Car Wash

What is really good about a membership to Men dot com is that you get to access a variety of sites. In this case we’re looking at Drill My Hole, their site that concentrates on hunky guys in suits and hardcore sex in the workplace, usually the office. In this scene, part two of their series, The Business Of Sex, we have the return of versatile stud Jessie Colter. We last saw him in Porn Date (part three) with Adam Wirthmore back in May and here in this latest offering he is matched up with slim and fit Trenton Ducati. This guy has a nice, juicy seven and a half inch cock and has appeared in only a few movies so far, but has made a bit of a splash already.

So, how does Trenton Ducati fare in only his fourth movie for the company and how does he do when up against Jessie Colter in his twelfth? Checking out the scene, I found it started with a standard kind of office set up. But only for a moment. Jessie is checking something out on his PC when he stumbles upon the office CCTV system and there, quite plain to see, are two of his staff balling. He’s a bit shocked and orders one of them, Trenton Ducati, to come to his office straight away. The younger guy is there within seconds and so the interview gets underway.

And that doesn’t last long either. When you’ve got the sight of young Ducati in a suit right before you and in trouble unless he does what you want, well, you’re not going to waste much time in telling him off, not when you know he’s keen to suck your dick. The two guys soon start kissing and Trenton starts feeling up Jessie’s hard cock, still trapped in his suit pants. Before long it’s out and the younger guys is deep throating it, giving head and giving the boss exactly what he wants. But the boss is fair and soon Jessie Colter is down on Trenton’s own, big uncut cock and the younger guys gets naked.

Then he gets his ass rimmed out by his boss and we know that the uncut Jessie is soon going to be fucking the uncut Trenton Ducati hard and fast over the desk. He is, and he does and around half way through the video the hardcore action starts. Trenton is still wearing his socks, which is a nice little bonus and he gets ass-fucked hard and fast by Jessie all the way to the cum shot.

And the sight of Jessie Colter shooting off a round of cum over pretty boy Trenton Ducati is one of the major highlights of this weeks’ updates, if you ask me.