Slip At The Car Wash

What is really good about a membership to Men dot com is that you get to access a variety of sites. In this case we’re looking at Drill My Hole, their site that concentrates on hunky guys in suits and hardcore sex in the workplace, usually the office. In this scene, part two of their series, The Business Of Sex, we have the return of versatile stud Jessie Colter. We last saw him in Porn Date (part three) with Adam Wirthmore back in May and here in this latest offering he is matched up with slim and fit Trenton Ducati. This guy has a nice, juicy seven and a half inch cock and has appeared in only a few movies so far, but has made a bit of a splash already.

So, how does Trenton Ducati fare in only his fourth movie for the company and how does he do when up against Jessie Colter in his twelfth? Checking out the scene, I found it started with a standard kind of office set up. But only for a moment. Jessie is checking something out on his PC when he stumbles upon the office CCTV system and there, quite plain to see, are two of his staff balling. He’s a bit shocked and orders one of them, Trenton Ducati, to come to his office straight away. The younger guy is there within seconds and so the interview gets underway.

And that doesn’t last long either. When you’ve got the sight of young Ducati in a suit right before you and in trouble unless he does what you want, well, you’re not going to waste much time in telling him off, not when you know he’s keen to suck your dick. The two guys soon start kissing and Trenton starts feeling up Jessie’s hard cock, still trapped in his suit pants. Before long it’s out and the younger guys is deep throating it, giving head and giving the boss exactly what he wants. But the boss is fair and soon Jessie Colter is down on Trenton’s own, big uncut cock and the younger guys gets naked.

Then he gets his ass rimmed out by his boss and we know that the uncut Jessie is soon going to be fucking the uncut Trenton Ducati hard and fast over the desk. He is, and he does and around half way through the video the hardcore action starts. Trenton is still wearing his socks, which is a nice little bonus and he gets ass-fucked hard and fast by Jessie all the way to the cum shot.

And the sight of Jessie Colter shooting off a round of cum over pretty boy Trenton Ducati is one of the major highlights of this weeks’ updates, if you ask me.